81 Million Strong

Millennials are now the largest living generation in American history. We are the most diverse and the most educated. In 2016, we will account for one-third of the electorate. ONE-THIRD.

And we are also the generation least likely to vote.


According to Harvard’s Institute of Politics, 75% of Millennials “don’t think that…voting is an effective means of changing society.”1 But is that a self-fulfilling prophecy?

If we don’t vote, the politicians that have been elected may not reflect our ideologies or promote our interests. The legislation they pass and the policies they create reflect their voting constituents, not us. They have no obligation to do so; we didn’t put them into office.

And then when society continues to promote policies with which we disagree, we get to say “well, voting doesn’t change anything.”

But we didn’t vote. So that’s not really true.

Trying to find the power in a single vote is a lost cause. When a person, jaded and disillusioned by problematic aspects of our electoral system, says, “my individual vote doesn’t matter,” that person isn’t wrong. For anything besides city council elections, your vote is not going to make or break a candidate.

But we can’t let this feeling of powerlessness cloud the potential power in voting. It’s not individual voters that matter; it’s the bloc.

There is strength in numbers.

The more millennials vote, the more politicians will want our vote. The more they want it, the more they’re willing to do for it.

Voting can be a real means of changing policy.

So what if we did that? What if 81 million registered to vote, took a little time to figure out where they stood politically, and then voted.

What if 81 million people voted?


Guys. I did a thing. I bought a domain, and then did a thing:


This is me straight up asking you to go to this website, check it out, spread it around, and maybe help me try to do a thing.

I’m tired of feeling unheard. But, no one will listen if we don’t demand to be heard. So it can’t just be me. It has to be us.


1. Weiss, Joanna. “Millennials Don’t Believe in Voting.” Boston Globe. 8/21/2015. https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2015/08/20/millennials-don-believe-voting/cGb7sx5ZvkmDCsNd3shTDO/story.html

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